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Biblia Moov: Young People Discovering the Bible


Biblia MoovIt’s the third year of Biblia Moov and it’s creating a lot of excitement in Portugal. 

In a society were very few young people read the Bible and many have never even opened a Bible, the Bible Society of Portugal is working to encourage young people to discover the message of Scripture for themselves.

Biblia Moov is a national competition where entrants – young people in churches, youth groups, schools etc. – make a film showing their interpretation and reflection on a particular Bible theme. There were loads of films entered into the competition in 2015 and it’s hoped that more and more people will get involved this year.

Watch the winning video from 2015 


Please pray…

Pray that this project would bring excitement and enthusiasm from young people, youth groups and leaders.


Photo: Biblia Moov competition title

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