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Bibles for Cuba

The Need is Great - So are the Opportunities!

Cuba has had a rocky past and there are still many shadows from that time. However let’s praise God that in terms of Christianity… much is changing, where there was once a firmly closed door, there is currently a wide open window of opportunity…

Our colleague, Bernt Olsen, Bible Mission Director in Norway, recently visited Cuba and has shared his compelling thoughts with us on his return.

"The problem is that in Cuba, it is almost impossible to get hold of a Bible, so even if someone can afford one, they are generally not available. This lack of Bibles is for a wonderful reason, mainly because there has been great church growth in the last 10-15 years.  Churches now estimate that they need 950,000 Bibles – so really, 1 million Bibles are needed for Cuba – and these are all accounted for!"

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