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MegaVoice Milestones

Praising God for His Goodness and Blessing

Tamil lady with early MV2014 sees two very significant milestones in the MegaVoice journey - the 25th anniversary of their formation, and the distribution of the one-millionth MegaVoice audio Bible. What began as a dream 25 years ago is now a reality. 25 years later and MegaVoice is being used by partnering ministries to reach people throughout the world. Ministries add their own content or use audio Scriptures from the expansive MegaVoice Audio Library - hosting thousands of languages.

Celebrating the 25th year of the founding of MegaVoice would have been blessing enough - but knowing that one million MegaVoice audio Bibles are now in the hands of people around the world is surely a double blessing. In fact, we might even call it a tenfold blessing because research shows that, on average, as many as ten people share a single MegaVoice player!

When BSNI met with the late Ken Crowell, the MegaVoice founder, back in August 2001, we had little idea of what might be accomplished. The early players were limited in their memory capacity and could only store part of any New Testament, but they were solar-powered and that allowed people to listen to Scripture in their own language wherever they lived. Even the Nenet reindeer farmers of Siberia could keep their player recharged by using the light of a paraffin lamp. Now the latest models can contain several different versions of the Bible accompanied by background music where desired.

New Envoy ImageIn the intervening years, BSNI has helped to place MegaVoice players in Siberia, Egypt, Algeria, Cambodia and, in each of the last three years, in the Philippines. They have been enthusiastically received both by those who are illiterate and also by those with a visual disability. A number of Visually disabled people here in Northern Ireland have found a MegaVoice to be a special source of blessing.

This is one aspect of how the digital revolution has helped to transform the capacity to reach people everywhere with Scripture.


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