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A violent earthquake hit Nepal, northwest of Kathmandu, on Saturday 25 April 2015. Thousands have died and many more have been injured, with widespread damage to homes and buildings both in Kathmandu and different areas throughout the country.

The Nepal Bible Society is working to respond to this devastation by assisting in humanitarian relief efforts and by providing replacement Bibles and New Testaments as well as Scripture portions to those affected.

The staff of the Bible Society in Nepal are physically unharmed but are in great shock at what has happened in their communities; like many, they are sleeping outdoors in difficult conditions, out of fear of further tremors. The Bible House in Kathmandu has been damaged, with furniture and equipment destroyed. There is much work to be done. 

Nepal Earthquake Response












The Bible Society staff in Nepal are on the ground and wanting to bring aid to the people. With the relationship they have with the churches throughout the country they are in a position to channel humanitarian relief including food, blankets, mosquito nets, medicines and basic household supplies. Alongside these much needed essentials the Bible Society are keen to provide people with a message of hope and love. This message can be given through the provision of Scripture – replacement Bibles, New Testaments, ‘God is our Shelter’ Scripture portions, trauma healing portions, and MP3 audio Scriptures.

Please help with these efforts. Click the donate button or text PROJ15£5 to 70070.



One of the staff members of the Bible Society in Nepal sent this message on Monday 27 April…

“ …3600+ people already dead and the number keeps increasing every second. We know our God is bigger than our problems and we believe that He will make everything back to what it was – it may not be good but it'll probably be better. Praise be to him! Love you all...”



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