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Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith Comes by HearingThe ‘Faith Comes by Hearing’ programme has been running in Togo since 1994. It was started in churches, where people would join together to listen to God’s Word from a Proclaimer device (wind-up audio Bible). Allowing people who are illiterate, visually impaired or those without a Bible available to them, to simply hear Scripture and respond to it. This programme has grown immensely and now runs in churches, schools, training centres and prisons – there are now 780 listening groups across Togo! 

Leah McKibben, Projects Manager for BSNI, had the opportunity to go to Togo and visit some of these groups. Read about her experience in one of our ‘Word at Work’ magazines.


Please pray…

Thank God for the amazing impact this project is having all over the country, and ask that He would continue to bless all the work carried out by the staff and volunteers of the Bible Society of Togo.



Photo: A ‘Faith Comes by Hearing’ group in Kara, Togo.

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