Bible Society in Northern Ireland


Giving God’s Word to Prisoners and Police

Armed forces, HondurasHonduras is one of the most violent countries in the world; crime rates are high and prisons are overpopulated. The Bible Society is being called to influence society with the Word of God.

This project is placing Scripture into the hands of prisoners, the police force and the armed forces, offering a Biblical perspective on justice to those who are at the centre of the system. This is being done through local churches who have well-established relationships with all prisons throughout the country. 


Please pray…

Thank God for this ministry and for the impact that it has already had – many in the police force have been open to receiving the gift offered by the Bible Society; Bible Study and prayer groups have emerged inside and outside prisons; and the teachings of Jesus are becoming evident in people’s words and actions. Pray that this will continue.


Photo: members of the armed forces receive the gift of God’s Word

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