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New Testament translation into Sign Language

Lithuanian Sign LanguageIn Lithuania there are about 8,000 people with a hearing disability who use sign language. They have no Bible texts, study or educational materials in their language at all. For a long time these people were neglected as the language was not officially recognized in Soviet times, but this changed in 1996. Within the main cities there are now six schools that teach Lithuanian Sign language.

The Bible Society of Lithuania is translating the New Testament for use in the community of people who use Lithuanian Sign language as their native and only language.

It is planned to have the whole New Testament finished and online by 2023. Click here to see the Gospel of Mark in Lithuanian Sign language.


Photo: an image from the Gospel of Mark in Lithuanian Sign language.


An Adventure in Bible Teaching

Bible AdventureReligious Studies is taught in schools in Lithuania, but when pupils are given the choice many are choosing to go to Ethics classes instead. There is a lack of Christian teaching resources and contemporary literature – many pupils don’t want to go to Religious Studies as the lessons are boring.

But these classes give many children the opportunity to hear Bible stories for the first time in their lives.

‘Bible Adventure’ is an exciting programme run by the Bible Society of Lithuania. The project presents the story of the Old Testament and of the New Testament in an attractive, interesting and interactive way. It also helps to prepare instructors and equips them with the visual aids and skills they need to have a ‘Bible Adventure’ in their own school. Bibles and related materials are being made available to school children and their teachers in the classroom and in school libraries.



Photo: The book of Ruth is opened from the ‘Big Bible’

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