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Translation into Tojolabal

Tojolabal translation, MexicoSeven years ago work began on the translation of the Bible into the Tojolabal language. Since then the books of Esther and Ruth have been published, and now they’re preparing to get the New Testament into the hands of the people. But work continues, and the long term goal is to have the complete Bible available to the Tojolabal people in their heart language.

There are just over 34,000 people who speak Tojolabal in Mexico. They are an indigenous Mayan group, mainly living in the mountainous areas of the country. While a lot of these people will be bilingual, for many Tojolabal is the language they prefer and Spanish will only be spoken when visiting nearby cities. It is so important that they have God’s Word in a language that they fully understand.


Please pray…

Pray for the translators – Jose Lopez, Demetrio Lopez and Raul Mendez. Ask that God would grant them wisdom.


Photo: a man reads the portion of Esther and Ruth in Tojolabal

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