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Translating the Bible for people without Bibles

Koita Ga Bible translationThere are over 800 tribal languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. A number of these groups have approached the Bible Society to request a Bible in their own language. They are keen to be involved in the work themselves but often lack the resources that they require – even the cost of paper and pens, never mind computers and internet connections, are beyond the means of the local groups.

The Bible Society of Papua New Guinea is presently supporting eight translation projects in the languages of Magi, Vula’a, Koita, Pa, Aekyom, Gogodala, Motu and Yuna. In addition to these they are working in partnership with other agencies on fourteen other translation projects.


Please pray…

Pray for the local teams working on these translations. Often they are remote and isolated, only reached by dinghy or by air. Pray that they will receive the support they need.


Photo: A checking session of the Koita Ga Bible translation

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