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Bible Sunday 2016

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Every Sunday in your church will involve the Bible, God’s word is central to our Christian faith.  On Bible Sunday we want to share with you about our work around the world to bring the Bible to more people – to reach everyone with God’s word. 

This year we are excited to tell you about a ‘Faith Comes by Hearing’ project in Togo where the Bible Society use ‘Proclaimers’ to share God’s word – you will read more about Proclaimers later in this pack but it allows people to hear rather than read the word of God.  This can overcome lots of barriers to understanding the Bible like issues with literacy or access to Bible texts in the right language.

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Bible Society & Bible Access

The ‘Proclaimer’ Projects

Bible Reading – Luke 4:16-24

Bible Reading PowerPoint

Bible Sunday Talk

Bible Sunday Talk PowerPoint

Bible Sunday Kid’s Talk

Prayers for Bible Sunday

What’s Next?

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Thank you for getting involved in Bible Sunday, you can use this material at any time in the year however some denominations have specified dates for when Bible Sunday happens:

30th October 2016 – Church of Ireland

4th December 2016 – Presbyterian and Methodist Churches


We would love to hear about your Bible Sunday services, please do let us know about your experiences.

It is important that we are providing you with useful material.  We would really appreciate it if you could complete this short questionnaire.


Bible Society in Northern Ireland has a small team of staff but with your help we are able to impact and support projects all over the world to encourage Bible translation, publication, distribution and engagement.  We also want to encourage Bible engagement here in Northern Ireland, how could we help you to equip your congregation to become more engaged in the Bible?


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