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Storytellers pictureWe all love a good story. When we’re kids we hear much loved bed time stories as we’re tucked into bed; when we’re teenagers we can’t wait to meet up with our friends and hear the latest stories of what happened over the weekend; we get lost in the pages of a good book; and when we get older we smile as we listen to the stories from the imaginations of our children and grandchildren.

We connect with stories; they capture our attention and draw us into new worlds.

So how do we connect with the greatest story ever told? Do we let it capture our attention?

The Bible tells the amazing story of God’s great rescue plan of His children. It is a book full of incredibly detailed and exciting stories that all show us how great God is. These are stories that we can read over and over again and still find new meaning; stories that can thrill, shock, challenge and encourage us. 

The Bible is the big story that can change our lives. It is the story we need to tell.



This year we are partnering with Christian Endeavour (C.E.) and encouraging children and young people to become Bible Storytellers. We’d love to see people getting excited about the Bible and excited about sharing it with other people.

C.E. groups all across the country have received ‘Storytellers’, a pack designed to help children and young people discover how they can be Bible Storytellers. It also encourages groups to get involved with sharing the story by raising money to print Bible books. These books will be given to children in primary schools through the ‘Amazing Journey’ project run by Baptist Youth.

Storytellers twitterWe’re so excited to see what God will do through Storytellers!


If you are not a member of a C.E. group but would be interested in seeing a copy of the ‘Storytellers’ pack, get in touch with us at 




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