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Elhomwe Bible Translation

Elhomwe New Testament There are over 1 million people who speak Elhomwe and they need the Bible in words they can understand. For years ministers have lead church services – preaching in Elhomwe but reading from the Bible in Chichewa.

The Bible Society in Malawi has taken on the task of translating the Bible into Elhomwe so that this people group can begin engaging with God’s message at a deeper level. 

In 2014 the New Testament was completed. Work continues on the Old Testament.


Photo: Manuelo Paya, a farmer, and his family were delighted when the very first Elhomwe New Testament was launched in 2014. Like many rural women, Manuelo’s wife can’t read or write but she is very proud to listen to their 12 year old daughter, Falice (in pink) read the New Testament. (Credit: Katri Saarela)

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