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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

There are 830 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. So many of these don’t have the Bible yet. Lots of people would love to read the Bible but they have to wait till they go to church on a Sunday to hear it. And even then it will probably be read out in a different language.

People need to have the Bible translated into their heart language.

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful country. But the landscape and remoteness of communities doesn’t make translation work easy. Sometimes work can only be done in the daylight using paper and pens. Not everyone has electricity. These sheets of paper then need to be taken to the nearest city to be typed up.

It’s a difficult job but the Bible Society in Papua New Guinea is determined to keep going with this task. They’re helping local people as they work on translating the Bible into 8 languages. It’s going well but there’s still a long way to go.

Bible Society NI wants to help this work in Papua New Guinea. You can join in. If you give just £6 it means a verse of the Bible can be translated. If we all work at this together a huge difference could be made!

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