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12 Prayers 2017

12 Prayers


Join us in the weeks leading up to Christmas as we pray for the spread of the Bible around the world. Prayers for 1 country each week will be sent to you each Tuesday, ending on Tues 19th December 2017.

Each week we will ask you to pray for a different Bible Society, sharing some of their work with you, from things to celebrate to urgent prayer needs. 

If you would like to be part of this short-term commitment to pray, please sign up below.



Week 1. 3 October : Signing God's Word in Nigeria

Week 2. 10 October: 'Light at Sunset' in Chile

Week 3. 17 October: Bangladesh - A Very Different Christian Life

Week 4. 24 October: Pakistan - Nourishing Body and Soul

Week 5. 31 October: Lebanon - Unexpected Hope

Week 6. 7 November: Bibles for China's Millions

Week 7. 14 November: Braille and Audio Bibles in Ghana

Week 8. 21 November: Bread of Life for Peru's Children

Week 9. 28 November: Egypt's Next Generation

Week 10. 5 December: Reaching Cambodia's Marginalised

Week 11. 12 December: God's Word for Refugees in Austria

Week 12: 19 December: Healing Wounds of Trauma, South Sudan


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