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Tagulandang New Testament Translation

“...Our warmest greetings to you and to our lovely funders.”
Wenas Kalangit, Head of Translation Department, Indonesian Bible Society

The work on this translation project continues and each day sees the translation one step closer to the end of the New Testament.

- So far, the translators have translated up to Galatians.
- After the text is translated it needs to be checked by a team of people. This team met in February 2010 and  managed to complete checking up to the Gospel of Luke.
- A meeting was scheduled to happen during September, with the team and Translation consultant hoping to check the draft of the Gospel of John, and if time is available to move on to check Acts.
- This meeting will be held in the middle of a local congregation on the Tagulandang-speaking island of North Sulawesi. The Indonesian Bible Society hopes that this meeting will promote the translation work amongst the Tagulandang speaking people.


Please remember to keep the work of the Indonesian Bible Society in your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for the translation team as they continue with this tiring and complicated work. Pray for the Tagulandang people as they wait with anticipation for God’s Word in their heart language.

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