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Kimyal New Testament Launch

Kimyal New Testament launch in Indonesia from United Bible Societies on Vimeo.

The video shows the Kimyal people dancing, weeping and praying as the first copies of the new Scripture arrive in their remote village. They also talk of what the new translation means to them and how it will change their lives.

Holding the first package of the New Testaments to be unloaded off the small aircraft and surrounded by hundreds of his fellow Kimyal believers, Pastor Siud, a local church leader, says a prayer of thanksgiving to God while his fellow Kimyal believers weep:

"Oh God, oh God, the plan which you had from the beginning regarding your Kimyals - the month that you had set, the day you had set - has come to pass today."

The translation of the Kimyal New Testament was a joint effort by the missionary organisation World Team, regional and local churches, the Indonesian Bible Society and UBS.

Work on the translation of the New Testament into Kimyal was begun in 1963 by Regions Beyond Mission Union (now World Team) missionaries Phil and Phyliss Masters who moved to West Papua, Indonesia, to evangelise the Kimyal people. Sadly, Phil Masters and fellow missionary Stan Dale were killed by members of the neighbouring Yali tribe and the translation work was halted. However, the work eventually resumed and the New Testament was completed in early 2010 by a Kimyal translation team led by another World Team missionary, Rosa Kidd.

The Kimyal translators, Welega Pusup and Menas Mirin, who attended various UBS translation workshops, played a key role in the translation team. UBS Translation Consultant Dr Lourens de Vries was also involved in ensuring the high standard of the translation.

The Kimyal New Testament was published by the Indonesian Bible Society in March 2010, and was welcomed by the community during a highly emotional celebration in Korupun, West Papua.



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