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November 2010, and work still continues on the translation of God’s Word into Tagulandang...

Since the last update there has been a checking session meeting between the translation team and the consultant, Wenas Kalangit. It was conducted over a week in the middle of a local congregation located on the Tagulandang Island named Kisihang. During the meeting the team managed to finish two New Testament books – the Gospel of John and Acts.

Checking Team of the Tagulandang Translation
Another checking session is scheduled for the end of this year to allow the checking of Romans and 1 Corinthians. This meeting will be held in the main office in Bogor.






During the checking session in Kisihang, Wenas was able to talk to some of the members of the congregation. They were all very excited about the prospect of having the Bible in a format that they would be able to understand…

“I’m now 78 years old and have been a member of this congregation since I was born. I always try to be in the Sunday morning services and am happy with the fellowship in singing hymns and having Bible reading. Up to now, Bible reading has always been in the Indonesian language though many people actively use the Tagulandang language in their daily lives. So, people of my age living on this island, I believe, will enthusiastically wait for the Words of God written in our own mother tongue.”      


Rev. D.C. Talangamin, aged 62, a senior church leader:  “Thinking of having the Secret Text written in a language close to the heart of the people, I myself can’t wait until having it ready for use.”


Reinhart Makanoneng, aged 69 “I have been serving a local congregation for more than 40 years and have been using the Tagulandang language in my speech, prayer, and other ministries. To have a Bible written in this language would be a different experience which would encourage me to serve more than ever.”



Please remember to keep the work of the Indonesian Bible Society in your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for Wenas and the translation team as they continue with this complicated work. Pray for the Tagulandang people as they wait with anticipation for God’s Word in their heart language.

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