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It is our prayer that many people will be challenged to discover God's Word in fresh ways throughout this special anniversary year. Below is a list of ideas and relevant resources that you are free to download for personal, school, group or church use. Please do let us know if you are planning anything special.

Tell the Story of how the King James Bible Came into Existence

Acknowledge the Influence of the King James Bible

Demonstrate the Impact of the KJV on English language

 Celebrate Scripture in an evening of music and Bible Readings

Encourage Reading Partners or Triplets to encourage regular Bible reading and discussion

  • Our Daily Bible Reading Guide is available at or copies can be ordered by ringing 9032 6577.
  • Download the E100 Reading Guide for an overview of the Bible in 100 readings.
  • Pray for the Bible Society using our Prayer Circle or Prayer Booklet
  • Use passages from the Poverty and Justice Bible (Contemporary English Version) for a Bible reading group's discussions or to encourage interest in developing countries. Copies of the Poverty and Justice Bible with almost 3,000 highlighted verses are available from Bible House - 9032 6577.

Copy out the Gospels by Hand as a reminder of how Scripture came to us and to help people think on the text

Set up a Scripture Library to provide the Bible in different formats

  • We can provide Scripture on audio CD, CD ROM with search feature, or dramatised DVD to watch. These are helpful for individual or group learning. Email or ring Campbell for more information - 9032 6577.

Organise a simple exhibition of Bibles owned by members of the church

  • We can supply a sample of the most popular English and non-English Bibles that are available here in Northern Ireland to encourage comparison.

Display favourite Scripture passages selected by church members of all ages

Organise an Evening of favourite Scripture Readings chosen by church members who are willing to read them, perhaps introduced by the minister.

Use Reading Plans to encourage regular personal Bible reading

Use E100 Bible Reading Challenge as a reading tool but also as a basis for a teaching programme.

  • Download the double-sided A4 sheet. It contains a pledge to read the 100 passages over a chosen period.

Set up a Quiet Room

  • Set aside a room in church where people can browse a selection of Bibles with key passages displayed and with a Prayer Wall available for people to express situations for which prayer is desired.
  • BSNI may be able to contribute to such a room through posters, photographs, articles for display and prayer resources

Arrange a weekly viewing and discussion of DVD dramatisation of Scripture to help people understand.

  • The books of Matthew, John and Acts are available as separate DVDs. 

Challenge people to understand Bible Poverty

  • Download an Information sheet detailing the reasons for, and the extent of, Bible Poverty in our modern world. Only 459 out of almost 7,000 languages have a complete Bible.

Respond in celebration of God's gift of Scripture. Commit to supplying Bibles to a church or school abroad that you have knowledge of, or in a country you have interest in.

  •  There is a wide network of 145 Bible Societies working in 200 countries where Scripture can be supplied on request at low cost. A country information pack can be prepared to assist your church in fundraising.
  • Download one of our children's resource packs for specific countries.

Plan a distribution of a Gospel around the homes in your area as an introduction or invitation to a Christianity Explored course, or something similar

  • A wide range of Gospels in a choice of translations are available from BSNI starting at 45p, including Mark's Gospel on which the C.E. course is based.



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