Bible Society in Northern Ireland

Amity Press, Nanjing

Printing over 10 MILLION BIBLES every year!


Bales of Paper

Bales of Bible paper, purchased by Bible Societies - each prints over 600 Bibles.




Paper being fed to machineThe Bale of paper is fed into the printing press.





Checking printed sheets

After printing, all the sheets are carefully checked for errors.





In the binderyIn the bindery...





Sections boundSections are bound into a single book...





A Wonderful MomentA wonderful moment - the finished Bibles before distribution.





End ResultThe end result - excited scramble for Bibles in Hefei City Church, Anhui Province.





Ji Ailan, 62Ji Ailan (62) (left of image) walked 3 hours to attend the celebration of the East lisu NT at Taogu village.






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