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First Update of 2011

Gospel of mark in Tagulandang2011 sees the Tagulandang New Testament translation project move into its third year, and marks a milestone in the availability of Scripture for the Tagulandang people…

Before the end of last year eight New Testament books had been completed and the Translation Team were looking forward to their next checking session in April, when they hope to move even further along in the process. Now, as they get closer to the next checking session, the team are preparing themselves for a celebration.

It is with great excitement that the Indonesian Bible Society has been able to print the first words of Scripture in the Tagulandang language.

As a trial edition, the Gospel of Mark has been translated, checked and printed, and will be distributed amongst the people of the North Sulawesi island of Tagulandang. The launch is scheduled to be held on 10th April 2011. 

Please pray for the team and the Tagulandang people on this special day. Thank God for His blessing on the Tagulandang speakers as they will soon hear God speaking to them through its pages for the first time in their heart language.

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