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Over the period of a year, as part of the Biblefresh initiative, BSNI collected the favourite Scripture passages of people from all walks of life – from the world of Church, Broadcasting, Sport, Business and the Public and Charitable sectors.

These InSights were a source of encouragement to many people each week and it is our belief that they will continue to be. God’s Word never ceases to challenge, encourage, direct and help us when we earnestly seek the Lord through it. We trust that this collection of thoughts on Scripture will continue to inspire our readers.


Paul ClarkeLynda BryansScripture InSight LogoStephen CaveDiane Petherick HoltLetitia FitzpatrickAndrew WhiteDavid Currie Mike NesbittMarie Lacey (01.08.11)Judith Gillespie

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What Now?   


Your Scripture InSight

Have you been inspired by reading the various Scripture InSights? We’d love to hear how God’s Word has had an impact on your life...
If you would like to submit your own Scripture InSight, please feel free to download the template, complete it and email it, along with a photo of yourself, to Leah at



Scripture InSight Revisited

Specific Scripture passages can impact individuals in different ways. Over the next year we’re going to be revisiting our Scripture InSights on our Facebook Page. Using those passages that were selected by our Northern Irish personalities, we will be posting some Scripture verses each week and asking you what God says to you through them. We hope that people will enter into discussions, challenging and encouraging each other to hear God’s voice through his word.
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To enter into these discussions you must have a Facebook Profile. If you have a profile, click here, and click ‘Like’ at the top of the page. You will receive updates on your homepage and be able to join in our Scripture InSight Revisited discussions. 



Scripture InSight Church Pack

How about creating your own series of Scripture InSight in your Church or Church Group?  

Click here for ideas for your Church and Church Group...



We’d love to hear from you how you have been impacted by the Scripture InSight series, or how you are planning on using it in your church. Send Leah an email at to share your stories.





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