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Translating the Word of God for people without Bibles

Gorogo Iru, secretary for the Koita Ga Bible translation projectThere are 860 indigenous languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. Many of these language groups wait for God’s Word to be translated into words they will understand. Different local language groups have approached the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea for assistance and guidance to carry out translations of the Bible into their language.

BSNI is supporting translation projects for eight languages in Papua New Guinea – Magi, Vula'a, Koita, Pa, Aekyom, Gogodala, Motu and Yuna.


Please pray...
Pray for the many volunteers who are involved in the various translation teams as they faithfully work in difficult circumstances to make God’s Word available in people’s heart languages.


Click here to read more about the translation work BSNI is supporting in Papua New Guinea.


Photo: Gorogo Iru, secretary for the Koita Ga Bible translation project

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