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    Welcome to Austria

    Leah McKibben has been reflecting on what it means to welcome the stranger. Here she tells of her experience in Vienna – of welcome packs, refugees and apple strudel… How many of us have been to a Christian Conference and received a welcome pack? I love them! Registration at these events can easily be a non-event – a standing in line to get your name ticked off and handed a nam

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    Drama, it's what we do.

    How can you bring the Bible alive through drama? Getting the balance between being creative and being biblically accurate can be a tricky thing. Chris Neilands helps run Play it by Ear, a Christian drama company based in Northern Ireland. He shares a bit about how they are helping people engage with the Bible…      ‘How about when Moses goes before Pharaoh, he sings a

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    A Post Easter Reflection

    Catherine Little has been reflecting on how our lives should look different because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here she looks at our attitude as we journey on from Easter…     I am on a journey which is full of twists and turns, full of unexpected surprises and the occasional ‘hmmm I wasn’t expecting that to happen’ moment.   We have made it to

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    Simple Faith

    Children have so much they can teach us. Again and again I am inspired by their simple faith. Their prayers are short and to the point. They don’t feel the need to speak in long flowing paragraphs, repeating a point using different words. One sentence. One statement. One question. That’s enough. And they believe it. When they say that sentence they believe that God hears it and he will

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    Lent 2017: A big time of the year for books!

    We asked Richard Ryan from The Book Well to highlight some of the books available to help people turn to God’s Word during lent. He came back with a great list…     I've already written a blog about the importance of Lent as a time for personal devotion, and how it's a big time of the year for books, which is partly why we set up our own Lend for Lent initiative. But with

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    bible blog ni

    Lots of us in Northern Ireland are working really hard to get people engaging with the Bible. It might be just one person with a creative idea, a church shining a light into their community, an organisation supplying some really great resources, or a shop providing people with materials to encourage Bible reading. With so many amazing ideas out there we thought it would be good to gather some tog

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    Bible Sunday 2015

    We are pleased to freely provide you with material for your church to use in a Bible Sunday Celebration. Please use and adapt the material whatever way you need to suit your church.   The theme 'Keep Going' is based on 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 and we trust that

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    Your Church or Group

    groupWe love seeing churches and groups get excited about what God is doing around the world. Perhaps you would like to see your church/group discovering how very blessed they are to have God's Word, while beginning challenged to see the stark realities of Bible poverty. There is much work being done around the world and we are seeing incredible ministries that are bringing the light of Christ into man

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    My Will, God's Will

    We have a very helpful booklet that explains why it is essential for every adult to make a Will. My Will, God's WillFor a Christian, the drawing up of a Will is a vital act of stewardship - for such a document then  not only becomes 'My Will' but 'God's Will' too. The booklet 'My Will, God's Will' is available to you free of charge on request. Simply ring Campbell Moore of 9032 6577 or email r

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    Bible Reading

    Bible Reading Guide 2014Below are some resources to help you to read God's Word either personally, or within a group setting. You are free to dowload and share any of this material....        



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