Bible Society in Northern Ireland


There are many ways to support the work of the Bible Society in Northern Ireland.

1. Receive our free Word at Work magazine that is published each Spring, Summer and Autumn. Let us have your name/address and we will include you in our mailing. Or if you prefer, you can access the magazine online. Send me your email address with a note that you would like to receive a notification about Word at Work online. 

2. Send us a gift to support our general work or a specific project for which we need funds. Donations come in many forms:

  • One-off donations by cheque, postal order or credit card. We are asked to discourage the sending of cash in the post.
  • Credit card donations can be carried out over the phone. Give us a ring on 9032 6577. You can donate to a specific project or make a general contribution.
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual donations by Banker's order or Direct Debit for those who want to plan the level of their support over a period of time.
  • Encourage a group of which you are a member to raise funds for BSNI.
  • The completion of a Gift Aid declaration will allow the Society to increase the value of the gift from an individual by 25% if the donor is a UK taxpayer. 
  • Ask for one of our popular 'Bible Change' collection boxes. We will be happy to send one to you.

3. Use our Regular Prayer Material to become more aware of Bible Society work world-wide. There are several ways you can pray for Bible Society work.

  • Prayer material is published in our Word at Work magazine for use as a regular part of your personal or group devotions. 
  • Or, Prayer Circle is a fortnightly E-mail of prayer topics sent to over 760 people on alternate Mondays. These can be used individually or shared with Church fellowships or prayer groups.

4. Our free colourful Bible-a-Month table-top Prayer Calendar offers information on a different project each month for reflection. Donations sent by cheque or Direct Debit will be turned into Scriptures. Around £60,000 is received each year in this way. The calendar is used by both individuals and Church groups for prayerful reflection. Perhaps you, or a group you belong to, would take a calendar and support the 12 projects that will feature during the year.

5. Ask for one of our free information leaflets: 

  • Daily Bible Reading Guide to provide a daily reading of Scripture, 
  • Information on the project to benefit from most recent Appeal for funds, 
  • Our 'Reaching Everyone' general information leaflet.

6. Consider whether you wish to make a Will and so spare your relatives the problems of dealing with your estate in the absence of your clearly expressed wishes. Our Bible Society has an excellent free 14-page booklet to guide people and answer many general questions before they make an appointment with a solicitor to discuss making their Will. My Will.....God's Will has been drawn up with the help of Belfast solicitors Cleaver, Fulton, Rankin to ensure that it complies fully with the law in Northern Ireland. The booklet suggests that it is the duty of every Christian to plan their Estate. It may be that some of those who receive and read this booklet will wish to leave a bequest to The Bible Society in Northern Ireland. That would allow us to finacne a first Bible translation or distribute Scriptures to more families across the world as an enduring gift, so that they too can study God's Word and seek Eternal life. The booklet is accompanied by a record card entitled 'What I own and where it is kept' that allows us to record all the significant information that relatives will need to know in the event of our death. These are both available on request by phone or by clicking the E-mail button on our Home page.

7. Organise an event in your church, school or group to raise funds for this work. Every contribution will boost the number of families who will receive the Scriptures for the first time. We will be happy to provide you with any resources we can. Feel free to give us a ring for a chat or arrange to pop in to meet us. Call us on 9032 6577.

8. Your church could 'adopt' a Bible or New Testament translation project - perhaps in a country where your church has a particular interest. This would mean: Receiving information about the chosen country and what it will mean for people there to be able to read the Scriptures in their mother tongue for the first time; Being kept informed about each stage of the work as it progresses; Praying for the translators and for the people who will receive the Scriptures; Agreeing to provide a level of financial support for a period of time to guarantee that the translation work can continue.

9. Obtain Scripture products through us. We cater for a very wide range of English Scripture editions and stock Bibles, new Testaments and even some children's Bibles across 50 languages. Any surplus on each transaction helps to fund translation/distribution work overseas.

    Whichever way you choose to support our work - through prayer or practical action - we want you to know that it is deeply appreciated and a great encouragement to our little staff team. Thank you.

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