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'He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defence;
I shall not be moved.
In God is my salvation and my glory;
The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God.
Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.'
Psalm 62:6-8

Desperate, persecuted, left behind...

BSNI is supporting different projects throughout the Middle East, sharing God with people through His Word and encouraging them to ‘trust in Him at all times’.

Read on to find out what is happening in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Iraq, and how you can help share Jesus with the people living there.

Migrant workers in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates

Can you imagine... being so desperate for work that you would leave behind everyone you know?

The United Arab Emirates is home to around 150,000 migrant workers from the Far East, India and Africa. Living in labour camps in the desert, they create melting-pots of culture, language and religion.  These diverse people work unbelievable hours for very little return.
Sharing the Gospel is difficult with over 30 languages spoken in the camps, high levels of illiteracy, no spare money and all kinds of religious backgrounds and influences. However, in the middle of the camps is a Brethren Church which serves as a Scripture base for the Bible Society. There is great need, not only for print Bibles in many languages, as well as in audio versions, but also for training for church volunteers and visiting teams to bring the good news of Jesus Christ. Please help us meet the target of 5,000 Bibles, plus New Testaments and CD packets (containing the Jesus film, New Testament and God’s Story) for these desperate labourers in need of Jesus.

EgyptRamez Atallah

Can you imagine... being left behind as other Christians flee the country?

While the Revolution in Egypt was a revolt against corruption and injustice, we know that true reformation can only be achieved when people's hearts are changed by the Holy Spirit.  In this
time of crisis and opportunity, the Bible Society is producing appropriate Scripture resources
while addressing the whole nation with a massive, nationwide campaign showing Christian
Values as the foundations of rebuilding. While most Egyptian Christians are encouraged by the
"winds of democratic change", many others fear that the status of Christians in Egypt could end
up worse than before. Many Christians have fled the country, while many of those remaining wish they could leave as well.  Ramez Atallah of BS Egypt, a previous visitor to Northern Ireland, has kept us well informed.
Bible Society staff are flooding Egypt with God's Word to quickly create a huge Public Campaign and a free distribution of specially designed Scripture products. They are running Newspaper adverts, TV and Radio adverts, Billboard posters, Underground train advertising and distributing (free) one million tracts, 100,000 Booklets, 100,000 CDs and 3,000 Posters.
Can you help make this incredible vision a reality in this time of unprecedented opportunity in Egypt?

Bible bookstall in IraqIraq

Can you imagine... facing persecution for trusting Jesus?

Many Christians have fled Iraq over the years, seeking safer places to live where they can worship without fear for their lives. The Bible Society in Iraq and the churches are encouraging Christians to remain strong, rooted in Christ and with their faith firmly planted in the promises of the Bible. The churches depend greatly on the supply of Scriptures from the Bible Society who will serve around 100 churches - historic, traditional, and contemporary.  They have opportunities to distribute 400 Bibles, 1,000 New Testaments and 300 Portions at greatly reduced prices... but they need our help and support! 

You can help...

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move in many hearts as they hear the voice of God through the Bible. Click here to read some prayer points.

If you are able to make a donation towards these vital projects, you can be assured that the blessings received as a result will be immeasurable.  God’s Word changes lives, it cannot be opened and read without having some kind of impact. When God’s Spirit moves, he brings hope, peace, love, joy and blessing in abundance – regardless of the circumstances that people are facing.

If you would like to help BSNI to support the projects in these three areas of the Middle East, simply forward a gift marked ‘Middle East’ to ‘The Bible Society in Northern Ireland, 27 Howard Street, Belfast BT1 6NB’.

“People need the Word of God and the assurance that someone still cares for them. They need to see that there is hope for a better tomorrow despite all the uncertainties and the economic depression.”
Hrayr Jebejian, General Secretary - The Bible Society in the Gulf

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