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The Need is Great - So are the Opportunities!

Cuba has had a rocky past and there are still many shadows from that time. However let’s praise God that in terms of Christianity… much is changing, where there was once a firmly closed door, there is currently a wide open window of opportunity…

Our colleague, Bernt Olsen, Bible Mission Director in Norway, recently visited Cuba and has shared his compelling thoughts with us on his return.

"The problem is that in Cuba, it is almost impossible to get hold of a Bible, so even if someone can afford one, they are generally not available. This lack of Bibles is for a wonderful reason, mainly because there has been great church growth in the last 10-15 years.  Churches now estimate that they need 950,000 Bibles – so really, 1 million Bibles are needed for Cuba – and these are all accounted for!"

Old BibleAs Bernt travelled around Cuba he was met constantly with the cry ‘We need Bibles!’ no matter what church he visited – from Pentecostal to Lutheran – all were crying out for Bibles. This incredible need has become overwhelming as thousands of people have been coming to faith in Christ. Bernt spoke of a ‘Bible Group’ meeting for study that was so different from any Bible Group any of us have ever experienced. This was not a group of people each with their own Bible, but rather, a group of people gathering around one Bible between them ALL! These people, more than anything, would love their own Scriptures. We have an opportunity to help make sure they get them!

Churches have been growing rapidly and Christians are hungry for Bibles. 

We believe that, working with other Bible Societies, we can make the placement of 1 million Bibles a reality! We need to help the Biblical Commission of Cuba (Bible Society) to seize this opportunity while there are no restrictions on bringing Scripture into Cuba, and while people are eager to know God.

Cuban Farmer with first Bible “I have seen many Christians with a Bible in their hands for the first time. I wish you could experience it for yourself…” reports Bernt.

We may not be able to experience the blessing of handing someone their first Bible, but we can help make it happen. If you would like to see individuals, families, Bible groups and Churches with Bibles in their hands then please give what you can and help us seize this opportunity to spread God’s Word!

The cost of each Bible is in the region of £4, so please prayerfully consider how many Bibles you would like to place in the hands of people who are waiting. Just £4 could bring the truth to a family hungry for truth.

Perhaps you could give Bibles to a Bible Group of 12 people - £48 would bring such joy!

Please pray for the people of Cuba, for the churches and for the efforts to make God's Word widely available.

If you would like to give a gift towards this project, ring Bible House on 028 9032 6577.

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