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China: Journey into New Life

Donate ChinaThe Story of Bibles for China

In China God’s Word is bringing new life… and you can be a part of it! As you help us provide Bible printing paper for the Amity Printing Press in Nanjing, God’s Word is being produced, distributed and welcomed with tears of joy! Read through the following steps to find out the journey from paper to Bible to new life.


Step 1: Paper

The story of Bibles for ChinaBible paper is unique as it needs to be incredibly thin, yet strong, to cope with frequent use. The paper comes in huge bales that print over 600 Bibles each... read more


Step 2: Production

Amity Press was set up in Nanjing in 1987, in partnership with the United Bible Societies. God has used it mightily for His glory. His Word has spread in a way that 30 years ago, seemed impossible... read more


Step 3: Distribution

The story of Bibles for ChinaA fleet of distribution vans deliver new Bibles to 70 distribution centres across the country. The Bibles go off in every direction… read more


Step 4: New Life!

Time and again we see people all over China responding to God’s Word just like Jeremiah! They simply cannot get enough… read more


Please prayerfully consider your response to the needs in China. 

You can help people on their journey into new life.

Donate China

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