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Will you put the Bible at the fingertips of blind people in Uganda?

Life can be hard for people in Uganda who are blind. Considered to be cursed, children who are blind are kept at home, denied education, ignored in society and excluded from taking part in church activities. It is shocking that a parent with six children may only claim to have five if one of them is blind.

Mr John Kairu, who has been blind all his life, told us: “I used to despise myself as a blind man. I used to wonder if I am a human being”.  

The Bible Society of Uganda is reaching out to these people with the Word of God, placing Braille Bibles at their fingertips, and Audio Bibles at their ears. 

It is brilliant to hear that as people like John receive the Bible, words of despair are changed to words of hope: “I have learnt how to be of good conduct and my self-esteem is greater. Those are the lessons I have learnt in the Bible. And that has strengthened me… I realise that indeed I am a human being.” 

By putting the message of Christ in front of people in a way they can use and understand they are able to find new meaning to their life. People can move from an existence of loneliness and bitterness to a full life in Christ of acceptance and love. 

“I used to wonder if blindness is a sign of God not loving us or our sinfulness, or the sins of our parents. But the Scripture said that none of us sinned, but this happened to exhibit the power of God. This encouraged me and made me realise that it’s not that I am a sinner. That strengthened me. I found this in the Bible. It has prepared my life and that of my family. My children have grown up knowing that God is Almighty and our creator. That’s why I desire and labour to see that my friends share on this Good News.” Moses Mugabe, Luubu Blind Community Chairman

Braille Bible UgandaBibles are being provided to people who are blind in braille and in audio formats. Lack of education means that some members of the blind community do not have any literacy skills and therefore can only engage with the Bible if they hear it. Those who can read braille find it really useful to have the Bible in braille as they can sit and quietly reflect on the words at their own pace.

It is a difficult and expensive task to give braille and audio Bibles to people in Uganda. A complete Bible in braille is huge (look at the photo above) and it costs £400!

We have the wonderful opportunity to help place the Bible at the fingertips of those who are blind. We can use the resources that God has blessed us with to bless others. 

Give a financial gift to help provide Scripture in braille. £10 will place a braille book of the Gospels at the fingertips of a school child, while £100 will provide ten books of Bible Stories.  

Take up the fundraising challenge to provide a complete braille Bible to someone in Uganda by giving £400. 

Pray for this amazing ministry as the Bible Society of Uganda brings God’s Word to the marginalised and ignored. 

It is wonderful to know that people like John and Moses now have their own Bibles and their lives have been changed. So many more wait for this opportunity. Please take a minute and share the Good News of God’s Word. Click below to donate.





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