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How many people will you ‘teach’ to read? How many people will you unlock the Bible for?


Many people in Cambodia have never learnt how to read. They live in remote villages where the closest school is too far away to attend. Teachers are paid very little, so they often teach for only a few hours a day. They have to work other jobs to earn a living. Instead of going to school children are working in the fields with their parents.

Adults who lived through the Communist regime of the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s remember a time when people were killed for being clever. There is a lasting fear of learning. A society has been left with no teachers, no leaders and a long road ahead to recovery.

The Bible Society in Cambodia want to help people find the freedom to move forward.

Literacy groups have been set up in rural villages. Adults and children come together to learn how to read and write. People are gaining vital skills and are now discovering the Bible for themselves.

Keo, a lady in her 50s, goes to one of these literacy groups with her grandchildren. Together they sit and listen to Bible recordings and follow on in their workbooks provided by the Bible Society in Cambodia. This is a life changing programme for Keo.

Just £11 covers the cost of attending a literacy class and receiving a textbook and New Testament.

Make your donation now and enable people to step into freedom as they learn to read God’s Word and discover opportunities they never had before.

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Catherine Little, Bible Society NI General Secretary, met Keo when she visited Cambodia last year. Click here to read more.




In the unlikely event that this project is overfunded, funds will be used in a similar project.

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