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We have a simple Vision: "To reach everyone with God’s Word in a language and medium they can access and afford, so that each person might experience God’s purpose for their life". If there is anything we can help you with, please do get in touch!

Daily Bible Reading Guide 2018

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This is a FREE resource for your churchWe offer Reading Guides free to churches as a means of encouraging a daily Bible reading habit.It has been so encouraging for us to hear of people whose lives ha...More...

12 Prayers 2017

 Join us in the weeks leading up to Christmas as we pray for the spread of the Bible around the world. Prayers for 1 country each week will be sent to you each Tuesday, ending on Tues 19th Decemb...


Bible Twinning

People in China, Cuba and Togo are desperate for Bibles. They long to read or listen to the words of Jesus. You could make their dream a reality.Twin your own Bible with one for someone else in one of...


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Daily Bible Reading Guide 2018
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