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Bible Sunday 2015

Bible Sunday 2015


Welcome to Bible Sunday 2015

We are pleased to freely provide you with material for your church to use in a Bible Sunday Celebration. Please use and adapt the material whatever way you need to suit your church.

It is our hope that God will be glorified, His Word will be celebrated and your faith will be strengthened through this simple material. If you are having any problems accessing the items or need any help, please do get in touch on 9032 6577 or email


The theme 'Keep Going' is based on 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 and we trust that it will encourage many people to 'Keep Going' with Jesus.

Bible Sunday resources are really designed for clergy, or those responsible for Sunday Worship Services. However, all are welcome to use these resources in any way that helps.




Sermon Outline                                  

Sermon PowerPoint

Reading (2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 - NIVUK)            

Reading PowerPoint

Kid’s Talk                                            


Moment for Mission 1: Congo

Moment for Mission 2: China

Moment for Mission PowerPoint

Bible Access Information

A4 Poster



Bible Sunday can take place whenever it suits you best.

There are traditional dates that appear in some Church denominational Lectionaries, so if that is your preference these are listed below.

However, if that is not you – please do select a time of year that is most convenient for you.


Church of Ireland

25th October 2015       - Fifth Sunday before Advent


Presbyterian & Methodist Churches

6th December 2015     - Second Sunday in Advent

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