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Guatemala 'Free to Live'

Guatemala Free to Live

This is a hard story to read – but such an amazing example of the healing power of God’s Word…

Amanda* was only little when her mother died, and she was left in the care of her father and older brothers. The family struggled to survive so Amanda was sent out to look for work. A woman offered her a job as a waitress in a bar, and Amanda eagerly accepted the work. But things were not as they seemed. On her first day of work Amanda was taken into a room with a group of girls her own age, and from that day on, Amanda was sold to customers for sex. She was just twelve years old.

When one of her friends became pregnant, Amanda found the strength to escape from her prison. She and the other girls were rescued by the police and taken to a care home - scared, hurt, and full of hate towards her abusers. But help came along. ‘Free to Live’ volunteers came to the home and started chatting to the girls there. They counselled them and shared stories of hope and comfort from the Bible. Someone spent time with Amanda, listening to her story and helping her work through her physical and emotional pain. Over time she began to recognise the truth of God’s words and she found strength in the story of Rahab the prostitute, exclaiming “I like that the Bible has stories of brave women!” Amanda was helped to find healing and she began to look to the future. She is continuing to receive help but already the volunteers have seen a huge change in her.


Guatemala Free to LiveStories coming from Guatemala are both horrifying and amazing. Stories of abuse, trafficking and enslavement, alongside stories of escape and rescue, of healing and hope. There are many hundreds more girls like Amanda who are now safe, but many more wait to be rescued.

It is a huge responsibility to play a role in the healing of these girls’ lives but the Bible Society of Guatemala has set up the‘Free to Live’ programme to care for the girls in these homes.  Volunteers and staff who have been trained in trauma healing are bringing light into the dark places of these young lives, working with them to restore them from victims to survivors.


Would you please join with us to help these girls? 

Eight year old girls who don’t understand how men should treat them

Thirteen year old mothers who lack the skills to look after their own children

Seventeen year old girls who cannot understand the injustice they’ve lived through

These girls need to know the love and care that is given by their heavenly Father. These girls need to know their worth and place in God’s story. These girls need our help.

Donate Just Giving

Just £70 will take two girls through a series of healing sessions, and provide them with the hope that they need to consider a brighter future. £20 will provide Good News Scripture books to 75 children. Click the Donate button to give your gift now.

It’s wonderful that Amanda is finding new life as a survivor. Please remember to pray for all those girls who long for the day when they will feel the same way.



*name changed to protect identity

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