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bible blog ni

Lots of us in Northern Ireland are working really hard to get people engaging with the Bible. It might be just one person with a creative idea, a church shining a light into their community, an organisation supplying some really great resources, or a shop providing people with materials to encourage Bible reading.

With so many amazing ideas out there we thought it would be good to gather some together! 

From time to time we’ll be asking guest writers to share their ideas and inspiration with us. We hope you’ll be encouraged to open the Bible, engage with the message and take a step to share it with someone else.  



Lent 2017: A big time of the year for books!

Richard Ryan from The Book Well highlights some of the books available to help you turn to God’s Word during lent


Simple Faith

Leah McKibben, Projects Manager for the Bible Society NI, challenges us to pray with childlike simplicity

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