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Welcome to Papua New Guinea

There are thousands of churches today with no Bibles because it hasn’t been translated into their language yet.

That’s how it is for the people of Papua New Guinea. There are 830 languages there and most of them are still without a Bible. Going to church means hearing the Bible read in a language they don’t speak! 

People need the Bible in their own language. This is a huge task, but with your support and prayers, thousands of people in Papua New Guinea may soon have God’s Word!

Your gift could help local translators keep going. 

Work is happening right now to translate the Bible into 8 languages in Papua New Guinea. There are 8 teams, lots of volunteers and special consultants who are all working hard to share God’s Word with their people.

Volunteers in Papua New Guinea

There is so much involved in translation. The teams in Papua New Guinea have very little. They can’t even fund paper and pens, yet they need laptops and ongoing training. They need computer programmes that help translation. They need help from consultants who travel on dinghies and light air-craft, or even trek for miles to reach them. 

Some translation teams don’t even have electricity. For example, the translators of the Magi Bible use paper copies and do their translation work during daylight hours. This is carried by hand to offices in the city where it is keyed into a computer. Then comes the checking and consulting.

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Your gift helps makes all this possible. The Bible Society in Papua New Guinea is the only agency in the whole country who is able to do the next step too. Once translation is complete, they can then go on and publish the finished translation. 

People are struggling to grow in faith and share the Gospel. They are desperately longing for the Bible. Please help them by 

supporting the ongoing translation work in whatever way you can.

Papua New Guinea donate


£18 – translates three verses.

£30 – could give a language group the Lord’s Prayer.

£60 – the cost of translating the Beatitudes! 



Contact us on 028 9032 6577 to give your gift. Or click here now to give online.


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