Bible Society in Northern Ireland

Our Ministry

LOGO 2010As Northern Ireland is a country rich in Christian Heritage with Scripture readily available, our ministry is mainly focused on parts of the world where this is not the case.  For many, Scripture is not easily available, perhaps because communities are poor, translation is yet to be completed (or begun) or Christianity is still unknown.

The ministry of BSNI is mostly one of sharing information about projects of interest with individuals, churches, groups and schools. We work to help connect people here with projects that will enable others throughout the world to have access to God's Word. Each year we support well over 30 projects ranging from first time translation work through to the production and distribution of Scripture in print, audio, visual or Braille formats. We work as part of the United Bible Societies (UBS) fellowship of 145 Bible Societies worldwide. All gifts for projects are channelled through UBS directly into the designated projects.

Our prayer partners and supporters are an integral part of the ministry of BSNI and we produce prayer material and information on a regular basis.

We are constantly amazed at what God is doing around the world through Bible Societies. The opportunites that are presented, the incredible encounters that people have with God, the doors that are opened... we attribute all of this to God and thank him for the privilege of being a small part of the ministry of Bible Societies worldwide.

Closer to Home

We are aware that God's Word does not have a central position in our own community. There is a complacency and even contempt for Scripture that we seek to challenge.  We work along with other mission agencies to promote Scripture and mission through MAP (Mission Agencies Partnership), and we also help resource churches with Scripture products for outreach purposes.  Our ministry at home is small but important, as we face continued decline in church attendance and Bible reading.

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