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Peru: Bread of Life


Bread of LifePeru is a beautiful country in South America known for its vibrant colour, culture, wildlife, traditional music and history. The landscape is breath taking and ever-changing with expansive beaches, towering mountains, rolling plains and dense forest.

There are bustling cities with malls and thriving industry while there are also unchanged traditional villages in the foothills of the Andes Mountains where people speak only indigenous languages, rarely attend school and survive by farming their layered fields carved out of the mountain. 

Some enjoy great wealth and luxurious homes, but millions live in Shanty towns stretching as far as the eye can see. The reality is that most people struggle to make enough to thrive. 


It is thought that 2 in 3 Peruvian children live in poverty, with as many as 25% of all children suffering from malnutrition. 


Bread of LifeMany children receive little schooling as they need to contribute to the family income as soon as possible and for those who do get to go to school, they are often too hungry to learn well or have walked so far to get there that they are simply too exhausted.



In situations where an entire community lives in poverty, people can see so little hope that additional issues such as alcohol/drug abuse and domestic violence become commonplace, almost accepted as a part of life, remaining unchallenged.


However, all hope is NOT gone. Poverty is NOT the end of the story… for some, it is just the beginning…


Bread of LifeBread of Life


The Bread of life groups have been feeding hungry children for 17 years. 

The Peruvian Bible Society is ministering to over 5,000 children in need of food, spiritual guidance, and safety. 

The children often attend a group before going to school. They are given a filling meal to help them concentrate and have the energy they need to thrive. For some children, this may be the only meal they will have that day. They are taught to take care of themselves by learning good habits such as tidiness, discipline, punctuality and cleanliness.

Most importantly, the children are introduced to Jesus through Bible classes, Children’s Bibles and teaching resources. 

These dear children are shown the love of God by the volunteers, some of whom are actually mothers of the children. This is exciting as the mums are also hearing the hope of the Gospel and building good friendships with believers. 


You can help change lives.

Donate nowIt is incredible to think that a gift of just £10 will feed a child for a full month. Please consider how you can help bring lasting change for children in Peru. 


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