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Rwanda: Good Samaritan

Rwanda Good Samaritan Programme

Felicia was forced to take her children and leave her home. She was rejected by the rest of her family. She had no income and nowhere safe to go. Why? Because she was sick.

She remembers the years of struggling to survive. But it all changed when she went to a ‘Good Samaritan’ group. This group helps people like her who are infected by HIV/AIDS. Churches use the programme to reach out to people who are suffering. People are taught about the spread, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Using the Bible, the programme challenges perceptions and teaches compassion and mercy.

Felicia’s life was changed when she was given a Bible and met Jesus:

“They gave me a Bible from Bible Society of Rwanda, when I opened it I got Isaiah 41:10 which helped me a lot. It gives me hope.”

Now Felicia feels accepted, loved and valued. She runs a little business selling grain and her children are graduating from High School. Her dream is to pass on the love she has to others who are in need of acceptance and hope.

Felicia’s story is one of many. There are ‘Good Samaritan’ groups in Rwanda and in over 20 other countries in Africa. There is an urgent need to reach people who are struggling. Your donation could make a huge difference. £12 provides 2 Bibles for desperate people arriving at ‘Good Samaritan’ groups. By sharing the Bible, you are giving hope, love and new life to people living in one of the toughest places.

Read more about the ‘Good Samaritan’ groups in Rwanda.

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