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Bible translator, TagulandangImagine attending church and having to listen to the Scripture Reading in a language that wasn’t your own.

This is a reality for many people living in the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia, on an island called Tagulandang.
Christianity is the main religion in Tagulandang, and it has been dreamed of for a long time, by the Christians on the island, to have a Sunday Service conducted in their own language also called Tagulandang.

Translation work, IndonesiaFor this to happen the Bible needs to be translated into their language – a lengthy and expensive project. BSNI has committed to funding this project, aiming to provide these people with the New Testament in the Tagulandang language.



The Word of God in their heart language will hopefully meet the needs of the people and will enhance their personal devotions and comprehension of the scriptures.


Update 2009. Click here to read how this project is progressing.

Update 2010. Click here to read what steps have been taken since 2009.

Update 2010. Click here to read how the translation looks at the end of 2010.

Update 2011. Click here to read the an update received in 2011.

Update 2012. Click here to read how the Gospel of Mark was received last year.

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